Northants RAYNET 4X4 – Public

Welcome to Northants RAYNET 4X4, providing Emergency Radio communications in Northamptonshire to members of the Emergency Services and the local community by licensed volunteer radio operators.

Northants RAYNET 4×4 was born from the passion of a number of the groups members who have over the years used there personal vehicles to transport personal and group equipment to site for the enhancement of group communications.

Although members have been doing this personally for a number of years, more recent developments within the local LRF has lead to a larger use of these resources and as a RAYNET group we have acknowledged this is an important role we have to play.

As Northants RAYNET has grown, and the groups position and brief in the LRF has changed, the use of members 4×4’s has also increased and this specific role has become very important to being able to implement our specialist infrastructure off the beaten track and/or during bad weather conditions.